About YFL


Yoga Flow Life  sprouted roots in 2013 and has continued to flourish and expand its reach in the Pacific NW. YFL's home is now with Body Flow Fitness Academy in Vancouver WA.


YFL's purpose is to support a mindful holistic yoga practice to people of all walks of life. This comes in the form of yoga teacher training, continuing education courses, classes, private sessions, workshops, retreats and other yoga-related events.

About Michele

Michele Whaley

Michele is the founder of Yoga Flow Life and co-founder of Body Flow Fitness Academy and holds the Yoga Alliance designation of E-RYT 500 & YACEP. 


Michele was introduced to yoga after being injured while serving in the military. The yoga asanas helped to realign and reduce pain in her spine and hips and strengthen her body and mind.

Michele continued to practice and study yoga while earning her Liberal Arts degree and concurrently earning her Hatha certifications in 2006 and continued on to receive 500 hour certification in Vinyasa Flow Yoga. Since this time she has dove whole-heartedly into the yoga profession by studying and practicing the 8 limbs of the yoga philosophy, learning Hindu and Buddhist traditions, culture, and history, as well as receiving certified training in Kundalini, Yin, & Restorative Yoga disciplines.


In her spare time, Michele writes about various yoga topics including her first book, Yin Yoga Flow Life Manual which is available for purchase at Amazon. She is also a professionally trained chef (B.A. Culinary & Hospitality Management) who enjoys preparing healthy food that compliments a yogi lifestyle.


Michele instructs a form of yoga that fuses together the different yoga techniques and formats she has learned to hone over the years into one seamless flowing practice. Her classes teach to all people from every walk of life with compassion, a concentration on breathing techniques and an intense focus on correct alignment with the use of props as needed.


Yoga has become an essential component in Michele's life as the physical practice (asanas) not only keep her body in healthy physical condition, the other 7 limbs have been enormously beneficial in teaching her proper breathing techniques to connect the mind and body, mudras and mantras to vibrate on a higher level, meditations to listen to the inner higher self, proper eating and drinking habits to assist in maintaining the body, and most importantly yoga has helped her manage PTSD episodes, as well as other anxiety and depression issues stemming from past traumas. She is learning everyday to stay in and hold her present space.


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Yoga ruminates that "pain is our greatest teacher" and yet we must learn to take control of our own emotional and mental well-being in the moments these lessons occur. We begin doing this by controlling our breath which will begin to slow our thoughts down so that we can determine the best course of action. It is in our words and  actions that karma will be created regardless of any potential outcome. Remember, "for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction" -Newton's Third Law of Motion. This karma carries with it a sensory attachment that will effect a person on a physiological level (differing emotional states trigger the release of certain hormones) and can manifest itself in a physical form such as aches and pains, susceptibility to communicable diseases, and even cancer. Many of the ill effects of life's traumas can be circumvented simply by our state of mind. Yoga has gifted the world with a thorough philosophical and scientific system that has improved the lives of millions upon millions of people over the past 2000 - 8000yrs (depending on the text and scholarly opinion!) To study, practice or learn more about this well-established system, get in touch with YFL through our Contact page.