Private Yoga Sessions

Advancing to Monkey Pose/Hanumanasana

Private yoga lessons are a great way to develop and maintain a functional yoga practice designed with your body in mind. Each person is as unique as their fingerprints with no two bodies being exactly alike. As we move through life, accidents, injuries, and repetitive motions can alter our muscle composition which can cause joint pain, spinal misalignment, lower back issues, tight tendons and ligaments, as well as many other issues that can eventually be debilitating. Yoga can assist in alleviating many issues through a steady practice designed with your body in mind.



Private yoga lessons are highly beneficial for beginner to advanced students. Working with your yoga teacher one-on-one is different than the group setting in many ways. For starters, private lessons can happen in the convenience of your home, on the beach, in your favorite park, etc. Private lessons are sequenced and designed just for the individual student to gain momentum for their own practice. Private lessons also offer the opportunity to delve deeper into all 8 limbs of yoga which would include the philosophy, history, and science of yoga as well as deeper understanding of the pranayamas (breathing techniques), mudras (hand gestures), mantras (repeated blessings), meditation (inner reflection and listening to the higher self), and much more.


Beginner students will benefit from learning the fundamentals of a solid yoga and/or meditation practice alongside correcting alignment issues that can occur simply from lifestyle or even from practicing yoga incorrectly.


Intermediate students will continue to strengthen their 8-limb yoga foundations, moving through more powerful yoga sequences, balancing postures, inversions, backbends, and arm balancing poses. Intermediate students can develop a deeper meditation practice utilizing kriya sequences chosen just for the goals of their practice and more.


Advanced students will also benefit immensely from private lessons as they can continue to hone all the skills listed above and even moving on to more challenging yoga sequences with the expert assistance of an experienced yoga instructor to guide them. *Intermediate and advanced students will have the opportunity to earn CEU's for Yoga Alliance (if applicable) through their private lessons with modules created specifically for their interest in yoga continuing education.


Yoga Flow Life private lessons can include yoga lessons from Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative, and/or Kundalini. Private lessons will be customized for your individual practice. Such as working through particular poses, or finding ideal modifications and progressions for your practice. A lesson could even include a Kundalini warm-up with kriyas meant for your life goals, a core power flow, Yin/Restorative cool down, and Yoga Nidra for the Savasana portion of your private lesson. YFL will adjust the lessons to your goals and needs.


YFL can also coach you on better life choices for your path. Health and nutritional coaching as well as menu planning, cooking lessons from a qualified classically trained chef and yogini!